Shoes without heels, a timeless piece!

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The flat shoes and sneakers, those without high heels, are present in all seasons and it is certainly something you will buy and will use and abuse forever, is timeless piece! There is still the myth that to be fashionable, women necessarily have to wear a shoe with high heels, silly! Sneakers were popularized in the 50s by the wonderful Audrey Hepburn, our eternal Fair Lady, as she already was a tall woman, she did not like to wear shoes with heels, another person and one of the biggest beauty icons of all time who used the flats a lot was Brigitte Bardot.

Audrey Hepburn

It is a more comfortable footwear than high heels, have more freedom to move around and different than some people think, he does not let the more sporty look, depending on the chosen model is as stylish as or even more than a super high heels, It does not carry nor leaves the combination so heavy.

In winter people use a lot with leggings, cigarretes and even overlapping combinations with dark pantyhose, during the summer with shorts, with jeans and during the half seasons with more casual dresses. In addition to providing a cool and comfortable air which is something VERY important especially if you stay long using.

Combining with styles ranging from more casual to more classic. Sneakers, flats, became the object of desire of women and imagination to the designers, who play with colors, textures, styles etc. Here are some looks to inspire us.

The AMAZING Lady Di, Blake Lively, Alexa Chung e Taylor Swift

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