PAPAKOLEA – The Green Sand Beach

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Hawaii is known for having huge waves (Surfers Paradise), beautiful beaches, exotic landscapes and much of untouched nature … that’s all true! But just for the record if someone does not know, Hawaii is one of 50 american states and is the most isolated of the rest of the country because of its location, is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and its capital is Honolulu.


Hawaii is also an island with many volcanoes, reason explaining some of its beaches have sand in a different hue (red, black), one is Papakolea that has green sand, also known as Mahana Beach and Green Sand Beach. Another beach in the world is known to have this color is located at Galapagos. The olive beach arises due to crystals of a green mineral called olivine (Olivine), which is a result of erosion of old volcanoes region.


To access place is required an authorization from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL), a 4×4 to get transit across the road that has some obstacles and breath to walk a little. I think the view at the end worth it? What do you think?




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